What is Queue Up?

Queue Up allows you to create a dynamic queue using your Spotify account. You and your friends can continuously add songs to a queue, and the order in which songs are played is based on the number of votes each song receives. The song with the highest number of votes plays next.

Getting Started

  1. Login with your Spotify account (don't worry, you'll be redirected to Spotify's webage—so we never have access to your password)
  2. Create a queue
  3. Add Songs
  4. Share your new queue with your friends
  5. Click play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mobile application for my Android or iOS device?
We are currently working on building an Android and iOS application, so stay tuned for more to come!

Why does Queue Up need access to my Spotify account?
Queue Up needs access to your Spotify account in order to use features provided by Spotify, such as searchings for songs and playing audio tracks. You can always manage Queue Up’s access to your Spotify account at www.spotify.com.

Do I need Spotify Premium in order to use Queue Up?
A Spotify Premium account is required for queue playback; however, you can still use Queue Up to add or up vote songs in a queue.

Can I control playback from other Spotify applications?
In order to maintain a smooth user experience while using Queue Up, playback should only be controlled with our application’s play and pause functionality. Since we cannot manage other Spotify applications (e.g., Spotify’s mobile application and desktop application), you will find that you still have the ability to control playback with these applications, but it is not recommended.

Can I use my Spotify account to play music on another device while playing music through Queue Up?
No, if you start playing music with the same Spotify account on another device, Queue Up’s playback will be stopped.